Comparing Fractions Calculator

Online Comparing Fractions Calculator

This comparing fractions calculator will help you understand how to compare two fractions.

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Compare fractions with like and unlike denominators

To compare fractions with different denominators you need: 1) Find the lowest common denominator (LCD) for the fractions and convert each fraction into its equivalent with the LCD in the denominator 2) you need to compare the numerators and to see which fraction is greater..

Example Comparing Fractions fraction 9/14 and compare fraction 14/21

Comparing fractions calculator, the denominators are not the same 9/14 and 14/21.

How to Compare Fractions

To compare fractions with different denominators you need to make them the same using Least Common Denominator..

Example Comparing Fractions fraction 37/115 and fraction 38/175

Compare fractions with different denominators 37/115 and 38/175.

Using the Least Common Denominator method we multiply each fraction by the denominator of the other.

Example Compare two fractions fraction 9/65 and fraction 16/117

Comparing fractions calculator 9/65, 16/117.